Fellowship of the Pig

The day that I got Frodo I was pretty excited to see him. Frodo is a baby kunekune boar that weighs around 20 pounds and has very gritty nasty hair. KuneKune pigs are from New Zealand and almost went extinct. A NZ rescue group brought the pigs back to their former glory, then a breeder brought them to the United States.

KuneKune are a small breed that is excellent for homesteading and small farms. They don’t get large, they don’t root, they are docile and friendly, and their meat is similar to beef. If you have a large enough pasture, they will get enough nutrition from eating grasses. They come in a variety of colors and have wattles hanging under their neck.

Originally I was supposed to get a sow but they couldn’t catch her so I got Frodo instead. He is named after Frodo Baggins, the Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings book and movies. He is colored black and ginger. When I first went to see him I couldn’t even see him because he blended in with the hay.

He loves grapes, strawberries and apples, since that is what I having been feeding him to earn his trust. He also grazes, and gets special pig feed. Right now he is living in a friends barn and when I have a pasture up at my new house I will move him there. He doesn’t like anyone unless they have food for him then he is fine with them. I am excited to see him grow up and become a big boar.


4 thoughts on “Fellowship of the Pig

    1. If you supplement them food they can have a smaller pasture. If you have a bigger pasture they can eat enough grass to stay healthy.

      KuneKune pigs are smaller, dont root and are more friendly than pot belly pigs.

      Thanks for reading!

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