Mouse Police

Today I am going to talk about the two barn cats that I got for our small upcoming homestead. Mr Moustache is the black and white cat. I named him this because he looks like he has a moustache on his mouth. I named the gray cat Artemis after the Greek Goddess because she prefers to hunt for food and is gray like the night. Mr Moustache is the lovable of the two while Artemis is more independent.

They used to live at another farm. So they are used to pigs and chickens already, which is going to be very helpful when they move to Corva Bella.

Cats are very helpful on the farm. They catch snakes, rats , mice and scare away other animals that can kill your chickens. If you are going to get a barn cat make sure to get a kitten and get them used to the farm life. If you haven’t or didn’t think about it neuter your cats because they can created hundreds of baby kittens in a year.


One thought on “Mouse Police

  1. Patricia Monaco

    Mr. Moustache, and Artemis are going to have wonderful lives as barn cats, doing what cats love to do best. My last cat Sicily loved hunting , I have a photo of her with a snake in her mouth. Sicily lived to be 23. Keep us posted on your barn cats adventures!


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