Farm Update!

Neither of us have been able to write lately, as the past few months have been a flurry of activity! I tallied three of the busiest months ever in my “real” job, all while buying a manufactured home and preparing for it’s delivery to our land. It’s been an interesting journey full of financial paperwork, applications, permits, meetings, surprises, doubts… but as I stood on the back deck of our new home yesterday and gazed out into the trees, I could hear the song of birds and the babbling of the creek. It was deeply satisfying and I felt overwhelmed by the perfection of that moment.

We are finally in the end stages of construction, and hope to have our occupancy permit soon. Only then can we start moving!

I plan to eventually make some more in detail postings about the whole process of why we chose a manufactured home, as well as the whole process of getting our land ready in terms of septic, well drilling and electric. I say “we” because my teen son has been very involved in this process with me from day one. He’s homeschooled and thus has been to every meeting, closing, and even small things like choosing paint chips, ceiling fans and brick. Here’s a very condensed album of some of the process:


For now, I leave you with some recent pictures of the menagerie. We currently have the following creatures in our care:

  • 3 rescue dogs
  • 2 barn kitties
  • a small herd of Kune Kune pigs
  • 8 easter egger hens, 7 barred plymouth rock hens, 1 barred plymouth rock rooster
  • A flock of Lavender, Black and Blue pure Ameraucana chickens which we will be hatching chicks from

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