Our Farm Goals: January 2016

Just recently Corva Bella got internet, so I am going to catch you up on our progress. Next week we going to getting our two car ports to turn into a pallet barn. With the space we are going to make in and out and farrowing stalls for the pigs. Originally we were just going to have Easter Eggers and Plymouth Rock Chickens in the coops we made. But just recently we bought a special breed called Ameraucanas that lay blue eggs and come in Lavender, Black and Splash a mix of black and white. These birds will get the coops we put together and we are making two coops made from dog kennels for the other chickens. This weekend we are going to get our pasture fencing put up and hopefully move our animals to our land soon.

Here are the goals I made for Corva Bella a couple months back.


6 months

  • Shelter
  • Fence
  • Rotational grazing
  • Frodo DNA Test
  • 2 Sows bred and on homestead

12 months

  • Piglets March/April
  • Sell higher quality piglets keep lower quality for meat
  • Keep some maybe for breeding stock

18 months

  • Doing another breeding
  • 2 years
  • Bacon


6 months

  • Chicken coops assembled
  • Safe chicken area
  • Getting eggs by spring
  • Getting more chicks (for meat)

12 months

  • Eggs to sell
  • Maybe selling chicks

18 months

  • Another round of chicks
  • Begin processing chickens for meat

2 years

  • Selling baby chicks
  • Getting meat and eggs from chickens

Garden goals

6 months

  • Garden beds in works
  • Growing herbs,greens, vegetables and fruit
  • Planting berry bushes

12 months

  • Greenhouse
  • Fruit trees
  • Winter crops in greenhouse

2 years

  • Selling produce

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