Meet Vladimir, Ruler Of Peace!

The Karakachan is a high energy, independent, working guard dog. It is one of Europe’s oldest dog breeds. It originated from Bulgaria as a livestock guardian dog and as an army watchdog. The breed is very rare in the United States since it came here not long ago. They can also be called a Bulgarian Shepherd or a Thracian Mollos. Their life span averages 12-14 years. Full grown Males can get up to 90-120 pounds and Females can get 60-90 pounds.

Livestock Guardian dogs are a very important part of a homestead. They protect your animals from predators as well as your property. The Karakachan is very loyal towards it’s owners and they will not even hesitate to fight wolves or bears. They are very docile and social  with people they know. However, they will start acting aggressively by growling and barking if a stranger or predator gets near their herd and will attack them if they get too close.

In 3 Months we are going to get 2 litters of piglets so it is very important to get Vlad since piglets can be carried away by hawks. He is going to be very busy.

Vlad is being delivered in a month. We are getting him from Chaos Acre Farms, who breed Karakachans. I am glad that we will have something that will be able to protect our pigs and chickens. A kunekune breeder who granted me my sows through 4-H recommended this breed to us, because she uses them with great success. For the wildlife that live around our homestead, such as Coyotes, stray dogs, bears and smaller pests like raccoons, possums and foxes- the Karakachan is the best choice. We named Vlad after Vladimir Putin since he owns a Karakachan named Buffy. Vladimir also means “Ruler Of Peace” and since he will be keeping peace on the farm it seems fitting.

Here are Vlad’s parents.


One thought on “Meet Vladimir, Ruler Of Peace!

  1. Patricia Monaco

    Connor, I got to see this breed in action when I was in Colorado a few weeks ago. He was protecting a small herd of Alpacas. As we road up the road he circled and ran the fence perimeter barking at us until we were out of his area…….very cool to see.


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