Rotational Grazing on our small farm

If you don’t have massive expanses of pasture for continuous grazing you should look into rotational grazing, as it is an amazing way to make use of small areas. Rotational grazing is a strategy used to maximize small areas. Using multiple pastures livestock are moved into a certain pasture for a couple days where they will eat it down and move onto the next. The pastures that have been eaten down will regrow in the time it takes the livestock to get back to it. This will let you always have a grass filled pasture for your livestock when others are regrowing.

With our farm we made 5 different pastures to switch between. During the day we open up Pasture one or two or four and five depending on how the height of the grass is doing. When it starts to get dark we move them into their main pasture which is number three. We are raking up all the mulch that is left over from the pine forest and will be seeding when we finish. In the future we may and more pastures. During the summer we will have the pigs in pasture one and two the most because it is wooded and pigs love to forage.


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