Farm Extravaganza

The past week at Corva Bella has been a hectic one. We got a huge amount of work done and it feels awesome. Chicks hatched, electric fencing was completed, Vladimir arrived, and some pullets started laying their first eggs. After around twenty hours of work the last few pastures got hot wired completely finishing the circuit. It is doing its job very well keeping Vlad and the pigs off the fence after a couple painful shocks.

Speaking of Vlad, we got him this week. He was delivered on an animal delivery truck. When they first got him out, I was amazed at how huge his paws were. He is the fluffiest and most funny dog I have ever met. He is doing a better job than we could have ever imagined, already getting used to his animals, being defensive of his property against unknown things and knowing to not mess with the chickens the pigs, or our house dogs. In about six months time we will get him a partner.

During the weekend we had a bunch of amazing people come out to help us put together garden beds, a greenhouse and spread hay and rake up some mulch. We all worked very hard and all got red as a lobster from the sun. Thank you Michael Shirley for letting us into the group- its amazing to be apart of it.

Twenty Two days ago we put thirty two eggs in the incubator to hatch. Two days ago the baby chicks started to pip at the egg shell (Baby chicks have a special thing on their beak that lets them break the egg shell. At the end of the time they are in the egg they will break the egg by pushing on it to break it) Seventeen are alive, ten haven’t done anything and four were presumed dead when my Mom candled them. We got ten lavenders, four blacks, two blue and one splash. We set up brooders and heat lamps and the chickens are growing up in them. This week our Easter Eggers and Barred Plymouth Rocks started laying very small eggs.

Next week, we are going to rake up the rest of the mulch and seed our pastures to get them all nice and green for the pigs.


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