Why are Heritage Breeds Important?

Imagine a world where there was only one mixed breed of each species like a dog or a pig. There would be no diversity, and no one would know the animal’s lines or be able to breed certain preferred traits.

That is where Heritage Breeds come in. When people keep these breeds, they are continuing old generations of farming into the future. If for example, you want a pig with floppier ears, you could breed a pig with floppy ear genes instead of hoping for the best when breeding a mixed breed animal.

Also while raising Heritage breeds, you are raising the animals people a hundred years ago kept on their farms. This keeps the animals in a database if they are registered. Having an animal registered is very important as having them added into a family tree and having their DNA stored helps you find lines you want to breed or sell to other people.

Next post I will be talking about heritage swine. I find it cool to raise Heritage breeds as it feels good to continue the lines and do something not as popular.


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