Non-Native Heritage Breed Pigs

Non-Native Heritage Breeds are some of the most interesting looking pigs there are. They were imported to America not long ago. Though they meet most of The LiveStock Conservancy’s definition of a Heritage Breed, they aren’t listed because they haven’t been in America long enough. Two of the breeds I am going to talk a little about below can be registered in their own special foundation.

KuneKune: The KuneKune are small, they don’t root if they have nice grass and they have a very docile attitude so they are very easy to keep. If they have a big enough pasture, they can live off just grass. They come in a huge variety of colors like white, ginger, cream, black, and brown. Most of them usually have wattles which are just hairy skin that hangs off their jaw. KuneKunes come from New Zealand.

KuneKunes are the pigs we have on our farm. They are super easy to take care of, and are very cute and and very friendly like a dog. Two of our sows are going to have piglets soon and I am excited. KuneKune Pig Society


Mangalica: The Mangalica is a very cool type of pig, as it grows a thick wooly coat like a sheep. The Mangalica is from Hungry. Mangalica Breeders Association


Meishan: The Meishan is a very interesting pig. It has big floppy ears and rolls of fat. They have huge litters of piglets from fifteen to sixteen and they reach maturity quickly. The Meishan is from Southern China. The Meishan was originally imported for research but the research was disbanded and some farmers kept the pigs to continue their lines.




2 thoughts on “Non-Native Heritage Breed Pigs

  1. Patricia Monaco

    Who knew there were so many interesting looking pigs. Am loving reading about this thanks for sharing what you have learned.


  2. Well I learned something extremely interesting today! I too, had no idea that there even were such pigs as heritage pigs, and I have to say I love them!
    Now I have some back posts to catch up on…


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