Building our Farrowing Stalls

Over the past few weeks, my Mom and I have been building our farrowing stalls.Cassie looks ready to have her piglets soon. I am going to tell you some of the special things we added into the stall to keep the piglets safe. After the farrowing stalls, we will make a sleeping stall for all the other pigs.

Using the impact driver and the sawzall to build the stalls was very fun and easy. I am starting to get better at assembling stuff. I am excited to start working on a sleeping stall and chicken tractors.

We are also going to add a small area outside the stalls with hog panels so the piglets can’t go too far.

Crush Rails– Crush Rails are wooden beams that are held off the wall a little bit. They are there so piglets can lay under them and not get crushed by their Mom when she moves around or lays down.



Safe Area– Our safe area is where the t-post is holding the cattle panel in place. Through the holes on the bottom the piglets can get inside the area to eat and stay safe. We can add a heat lamp there if it gets cold out.






When the piglets are born Vlad won’t be allowed the piglets as he is still a puppy in training. We will introduce him under supervision.



2 thoughts on “Building our Farrowing Stalls

  1. What a sterling job well done! And SO neat too!
    I would like to know what hog panels are please, as well as cattle panels? Hope that is not a really stupid question!


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