On April 21st, Cassie had her piglets. On that night she started to show signs of farrowing, so we decided to stay with her in a farrowing stall so if she had her piglets we could be there if anything went wrong, since it was her first litter.

For a couple hours she kept nesting and moving around but at around twelve o’ clock, she had her piglets. She had four piglets, three gilts and one boar. She had all four in seven minutes, which is very short as it usually takes ten minutes between each piglet. This was my first time seeing an animal being born and it was pretty cool.  

When the piglets were born they came out in a clear sack. After they came out, we would wipe them off so they didn’t get cold and cleaned out their nose and mouth with a bulb syringe. Then we showed them were the teats were. They sleep in the farrowing stall with Cassie and we have made them an area outside made of hog panels so they cant wander to far off but they can still go to the bathroom and run around. We also have a heat lamp on at night.

Chickie is going to have her piglets soon as she has been showing signs lately. I think she is going to have a larger litter as she is huge. I am very excited to see how they turn out.



One thought on “Piglets!

  1. OH WOW! What a privilege to be with Cassie and to help her through birthing! I wish I could have been mucking out with you in the hay that night!
    I am enjoying your blogs very much Connor! I especially love the details that you add! Looking forward to the next one! xx


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