Chickie’s Piglets

Yesterday, Chickie had her piglets around 10:00 PM, unlike Cassie having them at 2:00 AM in the morning.  Over the past week, we were thinking she was going to have them any day as she was showing serious signs of farrowing. My Mom would go outside multiple times each night to check on her. We knew she was finally going to have them because her milk came in.

Chickie was acting very bad when she was starting to show signs of farrowing. She was starting fights with Cassie, rooting huge holes, knocking over every water bowl and a pool, she also chewed on crush rails and pushed the gate open and got out. She even got a feed bucket stuck on her head. Now that she had had her piglets she has stopped doing them.

Chickie was very different from Cassie when she was having her piglets. Unlike Cassie, that just laid there for the whole experience, Chickie moved around like crazy. She was so loud you would think something was wrong. She let us know when she was going to pop a piglet out as she would spin her tail beforehand. When Chickie talks to her piglets she sounds very funny. She makes little grunts to tell the piglets to come back to her and when they can eat.


We got four gilts and four boars. Three are ginger, one is cream and three are ginger and blacks with a cream and brown. Three of the boars have no wattles the other five are double wattled. When the final piglet was born he was limp and didn’t look like he was going to make it, so I wrapped him up and held him like a baby. We named him Voldemort since he is pretty ugly. Now he is super active and eating like crazy.

After they were born, since Chickie was moving around so much, we had to put them in the safe area under the heat lamp since we didn’t want any to get crushed. When we gave her the piglets after she was done they ate like crazy and fell asleep into a “milk coma”, as my Mom calls it. The cream gilt which we named Maia is my favorite of the litter. I am very excited to see them grow.


One thought on “Chickie’s Piglets

  1. Oh this is fantastic! I had to laugh at the thought of the spinning tail though.
    How wonderful to hold the last little one; he was probably exhausted after standing in line. Obviously the loving touch gave him all the energy he needed!
    Thanks for another great report!


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