Our Fuzzy Chicken Army!

You know we have Ameraucana chickens, Barred Rocks and Easter Eggers but we have some other birds too. They are our Bantam Cochins and Silkies. We have three Cochin birds, two are hens and one is a rooster named “Elvis”. They are breeding birds so we are hatching all the eggs. We are going to sell them and make more breeding pens to have even more birds. Then we have the Silkies. They are there to take hatch eggs that couldn’t fit in the incubator. We already have a bird hatch some Cochins, Amercuanas and a Silkie. These birds are my favorite because of how small and fuzzy they are. It is very sad you can’t breed frizzle to frizzle Cochins otherwise I would have a frizzle army.

Our Silkie was very broody, she sat on a nest of eggs for twenty one days straight only getting down to get food and water. She hatched them all perfectly and we also gave her some chicks from the Incubator to watch over.


The Cochin is a Chinese chicken, that was brought to England in the mid 1800s as a gift to Queen Victoria becoming a popular bird. They are very docile and friendly, they can live in small places these attributes make them super easy to care of. I personally like them for their feathered feet.



The Silkie is breed of chicken named after its fluff that feels like silk. They also have black skin, bones and they also have five toes instead of four. They are known mostly for their broody nature and taking care of babies good. The Silkies come from China same as the Cochin.


Soon we will start making pens for more Bantams. Also our Guineas hatched.




2 thoughts on “Our Fuzzy Chicken Army!

  1. Bantams are my favourites too. I don’t know the Cochins, ugh I can see that they would steal my heart! love the Silkies!
    Thank you for another delightful and informative post!


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