Heritage Breeds Week


This week in between May fifteenth and twenty first the yearly The Livestock Conservancy’s Heritage Breeds Week is being held. Each year, during the third week of May it is celebrated, 2015 was the first year the event occurred.

The week’s goal is to raise awareness towards Heritage Breed livestock and poultry as these breeds have been replaced with newer mass production animals. Farms are encouraged to do farm tours, workshops, or lectures to raise awareness.

Next year it would be cool to arrange an event through my 4-H Heritage Breeds Club so we can show our animals at an event.  I would like to do this as it is funny to see people not know what my pigs are and then explain it all.

Our farm just became a member of The Livestock Conservancy.

Come read about the event more here 



One thought on “Heritage Breeds Week

  1. I think CONGRATS are in order for your farm as a member of the Livestock Conservancy! SO many beautiful animals on their website! Even miniature donkeys!
    Thumbs up to an event through your 4-H club next year.


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