Compost Management

Today I am going to write about compost management. I will tell you what is good and bad about it and some easy ways to manage it.

In a pasture having some waste is important as the animals grind it down into the soil where it fertilizes the ground. Also the sun and rain will break it down into soil. Having to much poop in a pasture though is unsanitary, it breeds bacteria which can get your animals sick.

When I first started farming I never realized how much poop there would be. So we decided to build a compost bin, but the pigs thought it would be a fun idea to break the compost bin and go through it all. So we decided to use a No-Dig No-Till idea. With the idea we laid down around a 20×40 area of cardboard for a weed barrier and for it to break down as well. Daily we pick up around a big bucket full of poop and threw it over the fence with other things like old food, baby chick brooder flakes, straw and hay, stuff from the gardens, etc. To pick it up we use a dog poop scooper and a bin.

To make a successful area like this you will need to make the foundation, then you will need to add a balance of the two types of compost which are:

  • Green compost

    grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, tea leaves, pretty much any plant matter.


  • Brown compost

    dry leaves, pine needles, straw, peat moss, poop, wood shavings

In about a year the area will be ready as it takes a year for pig poop to break down. When that time comes we will plant pumpkins, corn, watermelons and cantaloupe. This method is cool, it is very easy to make and take care of. I am excited to feed the pigs giant watermelons.


3 thoughts on “Compost Management

  1. Now I am so excited! This is the kind of compost heap I have been dreaming about for ever! Thank you SO much for sharing! I will save the link you posted as well. YIPPEE! No dig, no till! I can hardly believe it! I will be planting the same things when ours is ready. Sadly no pig poop for us here, though.


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