All our pastures now have shelters!

As of yesterday, all of our pastures now have a shelter. we made a four pallet shelter which I will tell you how to make as it is super easy and took us less than three hours to make. (They are also cheap for how nice they are)

Here are all the materials you will need:

  • 4 Pallets (Free from a lot of places)
  • 2 fence posts ( $8 each)
  • 4 2x4s ( $2.50 each)
  • Wood fencing slats (we got some for 1.30 at Lowes we used around 20 of them)
  • Two sheets of corrugated plastic roofing ( $13 a sheet)
  • Wood screws (8×2)
  • Roofing nails

First lay down the pallets in a square. Next connect the pallets together with the fencing slats, Then add the 2x4s on top with the wood screws and nail the plastic roofing on top. Dig two post holes 20 inches deep attach them to the pallet with the slats vertically. We added all the boards horizontally as is makes it look better. The shelter costs around 100 dollars which is cheap for how nice they are.

These shelters are my favorite shelter we have built so far. We are also going to put a cedar colored water proof stain on it. It will help protect the shelter rain, sun, wind, etc

We will add fresh hay soon.

We have been working on our chicken tractors for a bit now. I will write a post about them soon on how to build them so you can if you want to as well.


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