Registered Stock Finally Meets Corva Bella

A couple days ago, we added some new pigs to our herd. They are named Anna and Gia. I am going to talk about them for you. Getting these pigs was very unexpected. Someone was selling part of their herd and we where able to get the opportunity to get older pigs.

Anna is a nine month black and white Rona x Boris gilt. She is a very nice gilt and has great conformation. She a long pig so she should have larger litters. Anna is one of the most calmest pigs I have ever seen which I really like about her. She spends most of her day in the wallow and when it is feeding time, she doesn’t sound like a dying banshee like our other piglets. I am excited for her to be ready to breed in February or March.

Our next pig is named Gia (which is short for Giovanna my great great Grandmother’s middle name). She is a two year old ginger and black Trish x Ru sow. Gia is pretty much a smaller version of Cassie- they are actually cousins! Gia also brought four piglets with her (3 boars and a gilt) she is a very good mother. It is exciting to have these piglets as they will be our first ever registered piglets. When the registrations are transferred to us we will have DNA testing done on each piglet, and do a pending litter notification. When we sell the piglets we can fully register them to their new owner.

I am very happy to have gotten these pigs, they are absolutely beautiful. It is my dream to have registered stock and it is finally happening I am so happy. Next week we are going to  get our other three piglets- I can’t wait!


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