Processing Chickens

A couple days ago My Mom and I processed a bunch of roosters for the first time. Here is my experience. We learned how from Katie and Melynda at Half-Moon Hollow Farm. Thank you for teaching us.

This was my first time ever processing an animal. Originally, I thought it was going to be a lot harder and nastier but it was surprisingly easy once we got going. I killed the birds, got rid of the feathers and cut their legs and heads off. My Mom cleaned and gutted them. This was a very good experience, now I know how to completely process a bird.

I think it is very cool at how I watched these roosters life cycle. I saw them hatch, grow up and then die and soon being eaten. When we make meals from them it is going to feel super rewarding at how the whole meal will be made with everything that comes from our farm. Soon enough I will become completely self sufficient and live on the top of a mountain.

We processed thirteen Ameraucana roosters. This has made our farm a lot quieter as almost all thirteen had started crowing. Our fridge is completely full by these chickens now, so my Mom bought a new freezer as we are going to process two feeder boars and quail in the near future. I see a lot of meals made with chicken in my future.


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