Compost Garden Update

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about our compost garden (Here is a link). The garden has done a lot lately so I thought an update would be good.

This is the poop garden a couple months ago. We just started adding manure from the pastures into it. The plan was to let it break down into compost and grow watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, etc after the poop broke down for about a year.


This is the compost garden now. As you can see it has grown quite a bit. A couple weeks ago, watermelon started growing in the compost. Which is shocking since we thought stuff couldn’t grow in it unless it composted for a year, but I guess all the produce that we fed the pigs started growing. There is around thirty watermelons growing out there. My Mom also planted some different types of watermelon, pumpkins, sunflowers and some tomatoes. This is awesome as we can give watermelons to the pigs early.

The ongoing goal is to keep expanding the garden till there is no room left for it. In a year when the poop is completely broken down we will start planting stuff we will eat as well.


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