A couple months ago we got Coturnix quail. I am going to write about them for you.

A Quail is a small ground-nesting game bird in the pheasant family. They are known for a lot of things like maturing faster, producing more eggs, their eggs taking less time to hatch, etc. What I think very cool is how fast they are ready to breed. in six to eight weeks old, they are ready to breed. Their eggs take about eighteen days to hatch.

Quail is one of the best birds to raise if you want a meat and egg bird. Quail reach sexual maturity at six weeks old which is very fast compared to the twenty four weeks of a chicken. They are known for laying eggs almost everyday even in the winter, and they do very good in cages. Quail also don’t make that much noise.


We have too many males so we are going to have to process a bunch. It is apparently insanely easy. All you have to do is cut the head and feet off with scissors and they you can pull the skin off and clean it. (Here is a video see how easy it is Link)

Make sure to have a good cage with these attributes. Each bird needs forty to fifty square inches of floor area. Make sure the ceiling is at least ten inches high so the birds can’t fly up and break their skulls, and the floor should be made up of half-inch wire mesh, so predators cant grab them and their poop can fall through. We used a rabbit hutch for our quail. We still need to add something soft on the top so when they get stronger and they jump up they wont hurt themselves, and we want to add a nipple waterer like our rabbits have.

My Mom has been saving up a lot of recipes with quail. I am very excited to try them.


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