Jabba The Hut Pigs

In yesterdays post,  I said we are getting a new type of heritage breed pig. So I am going to reveal that pig now, and tell you about the breed.

The breed we are getting is the Meishan. Meishan’s are part of the Taihu group (named after Taihu Lake in China) of Chinese pigs, in 1989 they were brought to the US to be part of a cooperative study between the USDA, Iowa State and the University of Illinois. Meishan’s were imported to be studied for their productivity. . They researched the breed for over twenty years, but around 2009 Iowa State stopped their study and disbanded their herd.

In February 2016 God Blessings Farm were able to get the remainder of the Meishan pigs from the University of Illinois herd. In May they got the USMARC’s herd. Finally on May 26th 2016 they gathered the remaining Meishan’s in the USDA herd. (If you want to read into even more detail here is a Link)

Meishan’s are known for a variety of many awesome things like:

  •  Very docile (they pretty much sleep all day)
  • Large litters (16-18 piglets)
  • Fast maturity(around 90 days)
  • They don’t test fences
  • They are great mothers
  • They apparently don’t do the banshee pig scream
  • High roughage diet

We are getting two Meishan piglets. MooShu a gilt that we will be picking up in a couple weeks, and General Tsao’s who is going to be born in October. I am insanely excited to be getting these pigs. The opportunity to conserve the breed, and have completely unrelated pigs from lines that haven’t been breed together ever before is amazing.

All of these pictures are used with permission from Gods Blessing Farm.


This is my first post about the Meishan. More will be coming about the Jabba pigs

Thank you for reading my post, next post I will be writing about mu experience processing Quail.



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