Processing Quail For The First Time

Two days ago I processed my first quails ever. Here is my experience.

The first thing I thought when I processed my first quail was how easy it was. We were able to process twenty five quail in under two hours. All we needed to process the quail were kitchen shears to cut the head, legs and spine off. I would kill them, cut their head and feet off and took their skin off, and my Mom did the cleaning.

We brined the quail in saltwater overnight. The next day, we made fried quail with squash for lunch. For how small the bird was there was a lot of meat on them. I felt like a Viking picking all the meat off it. We made around ten fried quail but they surprisingly are very filling, I had four and my mom two. We turned the leftovers into fried rice.

I find it very cool how the only parts aren’t from are farm is the breading and buttermilk. We raised and processed the quail and grew the squash and zucchini. It felt very accomplishing while eating it. Soon we are going to get our meat from our meat pigs. I am excited to make food out of them.

With the quail we didn’t use in the fried quail we vacuum sealed it and put it in the freezer.



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