Getting our KuneKune pigs, Frodo and Tiberius, Processed

A week ago My Mom and I took two boars to get processed. Here is the experience.

Due to us not wanting any in between fence breeding or accidents since they are unregistered. We took our first pig Frodo and Tiberius that was supposed to be our foundation boar, to get processed.

The drive to the slaughter house was hard. Tiberius thought it would be fun to break open  his carrier door on the highway and walk in the truck bed. So we had to pull off the road and bungie cord the door shut. We got to our destination an hour later, then we loaded them into a pen and said our goodbyes

I raised these guys since they were young piglets I loved them, fed them and took care of them so it was very hard to leave them at the slaughter house. We took them on a Monday night so that they would meet their maker Tuesday morning. They had an amazing life full of pasture, produce and love. I will remember these guys forever.

I am very surprised on how much meat we got from these two. We completely filled up our new freezer with two hundred pounds of meat. We are going to make soap out of the all the lard and will have a lot of eating to do. I can’t wait till their bacon is done smoking.

This is all the meat we got this includes the hams, tenderloins, chops, lard , feet, hocks, Boston butt, spare ribs and fat back. Currently twenty pounds of bacon and ten pounds of sausage are being smoked.

This was from our two 10-12 month old boarlings, their  live weights were 146 (Frodo) and 132 (Tiberius) their hanging weights were 105 (Frodo) and 95(Tiberius). Live weight is when the pig is alive, and hanging weight is when the head is cut off, the organs have been removed and the blood has been drained.


On the left is pork from our pigs and on the left is supermarket pork. The supermarket meat is very white and bland. Meat that is red has had a lot better diet. Our pigs get Non-gmo feed, produce all the time and they pasture. While a commercial hog would just eat grain. Pastured pork also has more nutrients in the meat due to a better diet. The supermarket pork came from a meat pig while our meat came from a lard pig. Meat pigs are long, lean, and muscular. While lard pigs are smaller,fatter and are typically grazing pigs that can fatten on pasture. IMG_2453

Today I am going to try our meat for the first time. I can’t wait.7


2 thoughts on “Getting our KuneKune pigs, Frodo and Tiberius, Processed

  1. So sad on the one hand, leaving them at the slaughter house, and I can just imagine how hard it must have been, but wow their awesome life has certainly provided you with a feast of the top notch. I so wish I could buy meat from you!


  2. I just clicked over to your post from your moms Facebook post. Very good article. Looks like you got a very large amount of meat vs. the live weight! Make sure to render some of that lard for frying potatoes. So delicious, and so much better for you than canola oil.
    Look forward to following your blog!


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