Eating KuneKune pork for the first time

Yesterday I had KuneKune pork for the first time.

The pork has a lot of fat in it since it is a lard pig. It was insanely juicy combined with the butter it absorbed from cooking. The texture didn’t taste like normal super market pork. It felt a lot more like beef, and it tasted like a very soft steak, which I love.

While I was eating my first pork chop I felt weird since it was two pigs I loved. But I got a really buttery piece and I forgot about it.

We made butter sauteed pork, with rosemary, figs and Italian yellow squash. We first sauteed the pork in butter and added salt, pepper and rosemary. For the squash we cooked it in the lard and leftover butter from cooking the pork.

This dish was made from pretty much everything grown on our farm, besides the spices and butter. The squash and rosemary came from our garden, and the meat from our pigs. It felt very satisfying to eat something I have worked hard on.

We have our whole freezer full  and thirty four pounds not in it yet. I am going to be eating a lot of good food.


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