Trish/Andrew KuneKune double registered piglets for sale

We have two one month old Andrew/Trish boars for sale. They will be AKPR and AKKPS registered. COI 8.65%.

We love raising KuneKunes on our farm. They are very easy to raise and make amazing pork. They don’t get large (Sows 150-250 Boars 250-350), they don’t root as much as commercial hogs, they are very docile and friendly and they don’t challenge fencing. They can eat a lot of roughage in their diet. All these traits make them a lot easier to raise than most pig breeds.


Dam – Trish/Ru – “Giovanna”- AKKPS 1133

Sire – is Andrew/Awakino – “Drogon”- AKKPS 1955.


(Picture from Serenity Hills Farm Breeders)

Piglets: All named after Harry Potter characters

These two piglets have good conformation for breeding. They have flat backs, high tails, broad heads, short snouts, they have stocky bodies and square legs. They would both be a good foundation boar.

We have a gilt named Rowena but she is sold. We have a third boar but he is very shy and my Mom couldn’t get any pictures of him.

Kingsley (CBF Andrew 1) AKKPS 3740P

Cornelius (CBF Andrew 2) AKKPS 3741P


Contact us in a pm for more information. Link to our facebook


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