Chicken Tractors

Due to use needing more space to house extra birds, me and my mom decided to build chicken tractors.

With the chicken tractors. We want to be able to let the birds completely eat an area down, then move them to the area next to it and let the destroyed area recover.  This makes it so the birds will always have a nice area to live in.

We are moving them in a rectangle. When they eat down what they have, we move them over. I am surprised at what they do to an area. As you can see stuff is growing back where is has been before. So when it gets back to the start everything should be regrown.


We used these to build it:

  • 10 2×4’s (Used for the frame, the door frame and the part in the back that holds the wall)
  • One tarp
  • 2 cattle panels
  • A lot of zip ties
  • U nails
  • 10 1×2’s (Used for the door and holding the cattle panels to the 2×4’s)
  • Poultry wire
  • Rabbit wire
  • A lot of bracket joiners ( We used these for extra support by connecting boards together)
  • 3 door hinges and a hook and eye latch


Here is what it looks like finished


It turned out to be a lot heavier than expected while moving it. We want to get wheels on it. When it doesn’t feel like hell on earth we will finish the remaining three and get Cornish Cross meat birds.




One thought on “Chicken Tractors

  1. I think tractors are the way to go for me and I cannot wait for my husband to retire from his regular job so that we can get going!
    So much inspiration here! 💖


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