Taihu Pigs

Pork is the most popular meat in China. This is where the Taihu pig comes into play, with its delicious taste and other amazing qualities. It is very popular in China.

The Taihu pig group is from the Taihu Lake region in the Yangtze River valley of China. The Taihu pig is known for their thick wrinkly skin, large floppy ears and wrinkly face.


The Taihu’s fast maturity and big litters caught the eye of commercial meat pig farms. So they were imported to the United States for USDA research. They were cross bred with other commercial pigs to create a mix of pig that has the traits of a Taihu and a commercial meat pig. The ultimate mix- bigger litters, faster maturity. The Meishan genes were so strong that they overpowered the commercial pig’s genes. The mix had bigger litters and matured faster but the meat and the look of the pig was that of a Taihu. While the Chinese love the fatty meat of the Taihu. Americans don’t so they stopped the research.

We are getting two piglets from the Taihu breed group- they are called Meishans. In a couple weeks we are going to pick one up. We are picking up the gilt in the weeks to follow, and in a couple months we will pick up an unrelated boar. In the spring we should hopefully have piglets, I am very excited.

 Their diet can mainly be made up of roughage. They are also very docile. They reach sexual maturity in sixty four days. producing an average of 16 piglets. The Taihu’s great traits and it having a high fat to meat ratio has made it popular  among farmers and consumers.




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