Why Registrations Are So Important

Registration is very important to make sure a KuneKune is pure and not a mix of other breeds. 

In order to get a piglet registered. You have to send in at least thirty to forty hairs (bulb attached) to a genetics lab called UC Davis. If the piglets genetics match the parents that birthed the piglets you will get a report of the match, that states that the pig is pure and its parents.

Here is an example of a certificate from a Andrew x Trish litter we have right now. We will provide the report to AKPS and AKPR when we register the piglets.


Registered KuneKunes cost a lot, so generally people won’t want to spend the money on one. Instead they go buy the cheap “KuneKune” off Craigslist. How do they know the pig is a pure KuneKune? They don’t since the pig is not registered there is no DNA or Registration Certificate. Buying registered makes sure you are getting a pure Kune.

Due to most KuneKune crosses looking very similar to Kune’s you should get registered stock or one that has been DNA tested. 

These pigs for example are not Full KuneKune they are crosses. ( Left AGH x KuneKune Mix Right Potbelly x KuneKune Mix) Even though they are crosses they look very similar to KuneKunes, and someone that is uneducated about the breed could think it is a full KuneKune.

There is nothing wrong with crosses, they have a lot of uses. But a seller should be honest and upfront that it is a KuneKune cross.

When buying a mix you can lose some of the KuneKune breed traits. Their colors, docile nature, not rooting, etc. I myself had to deal with a very annoying Juliana x KuneKune mix in the past that acted like the polar opposite of a Kune.

I absolutely love the Meishan x Kune cross though, look how adorable they are.

I myself have seen a lot of people selling mixes of KuneKune’s as pure bred. These people either don’t know they are very misled.

Another reason registration is very important is for conserving the breed. When you breed unregistered you don’t keep track of a Pedigree you don’t know if you are breeding related animals and making them inbred. When registered you can make sure that the pigs you are breeding are not related using the herd book.

Tomorrow I am going to show you some examples that are best for breeding together and are not.


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