Why Pastured Pork Is Awesome

In the past I have had a lot of commercial pork. It has always been that dry, tasteless white meat. Now I have had the experience of raising my pork since it was young, knowing it’s living conditions and feeding it an amazing diet of forage, GMO-free food and lots of produce. Sadly most people these days don’t take this into consideration when they buy pork not knowing where is comes from.

Pastured pork  from our KuneKune pigs is absolutely delicious. Kunes are a lard breed so their meat is fattier and richer than a commercial meat hog. Now that I have had the experience of eating it I can never eat that dry white super market pork ever again. It is extremely juicy, fatty, and tender. So far have made pulled pork twice, pork chops and meat sauce with the pork and it is amazing. Not only is it scrumptious, there and countless reasons why you should support your local farmer and buy pastured pork. Read why below.

In factory farming the area where they keep the hogs are known for the deplorable conditions. No space at all, no sunlight, a diet of all soy and grain, no pasture and no fresh air. All these things are very stressful on the pig. Pastured pigs live in the polar opposite of this. Pastured pork is also much more nutritious. It contains more vitamin E, vitamin D and more fatty acids which is healthier for us. They are also not given any unnecessary antibiotics or growth stimulators. In one of these buildings where the pigs are kept there can be up to ten thousand hogs all crowded together. Compared to where we usually have six pigs with a pasture all to themselves.

Another example of the bad conditions is a gestation crate. This is where a mother is kept while she nurses her piglets. She has barely any room, no outdoor access or sunlight. Compared to a massive farrowing stall where one of our pigs farrow with access to the outdoors, hay, etc



Factory farming creates a lot of animal manure. The manure from over ten thousand pigs, is added in “manure lagoons”. These lagoons get overflown with rain water and it spills into the ground and groundwater. The manure is filled with high levels of nitrogen and pathogens that kill off fish when it reaches a body of water, The Gulf Of Mexico for example is filled with this runoff from the Mississippi River.

Due to around ten thousand pigs living so close in bad conditions there is a lot of antibiotics that are given to the pigs to stop disease. When you eat the commercial meat it is filled with these antibiotics. When you eat more and more you gain immunity to antibiotics in general and they don’t work as well.

Soon My Mom and I will be making a dish with pork tenderloin for the first time. I am very excited to make it and share the recipe with you.


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