Getting our Meishan Piglets

Yesterday My Mom and I drove three and a half hours to Tenessee to pick up our Meishan gilt MooShu and our Meishan Barrow DimSum, at God Blessings Farm.

My first thought when I saw the Meishans in person was the size of their ears, then how cute they are. We call our KuneKune boar Dante “Dumbo the flying piglet” due to his massive ears but the Meishan ears are over twice as large.

While at the farm we got to meet the three lines of genetics (USDA, Illinois, Iowa). I will go into more detail about it in another blog post.

Meishans have definitely proven to be very docile. While at their farm they were very lazy. Our piglets are always asleep when I go out and check on them.

The piglets will have a little warming up to us to do. We will get them loving us with all the quail eggs and produce they will be getting.

I am very happy to be apart of this new project. We have a gilt from the first litter from two lines that are completely unrelated with a COI of 0%, and we will be one of the first people to be in the newly formed registry when it is created.

I am very excited to watch these pigs grow up and have piglets, and to conserve the breed.  We will be picking up our boar named General Tso’s in the fall when he is born.


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