The History of “The Other White Meat”

Once pork was the known for being a red, fatty meat like beef. But during the 70s and 80s it turned into the white tasteless pork you get at the store.

During this time the campaign called “Pork, The Other White Meat” was very popular. Fat was a concern in America. People thought it was very unhealthy, things like Margarine, Vegetable oil/cooking oil and Crisco were very popular instead of using Lard. There was also a study that stated Red Meat caused heart attacks and clogged arteries and this also made people fearful of pork. So the Pork Industry made a “perfect meat pig” that produced leaner meat very fast with different food. The meat was also white which was considered “healthier” due to red meat apparently being bad for you at the time.

This completely made Lard forgotten. One known for its multiple uses was considered bad.

This was the beginning of CAFO farming. On CAFO farms the pigs are kept in small areas their wholes lives, never eat pasture, never have fresh air or grass, etc. These traits lead to the white lifeless pork that you get from the supermarket. Ever wondered why commercial pigs meat is so white? There is a protein in animals called Myoglobin. It is what makes meat red. The more animals move the higher level of it they will have and redder the meat. The less they move around makes it white. So animals that are always moving around in a pasture have such redder meat unlike their confined counterparts.

Here is a picture of pork quality. Where do you think your pork is on the graph?

I think ours is around a five for color and a six for marbling. If maybe our pigs weren’t so lazy they would be even better. We are going to make them forage more and make them run for their food to make them more active.


Long before this movement started Lard was being seen as a bad thing. This is where Crisco came in. Crisco was created to be used as an alternative for lard. It was said to be better for you. But is very bad for you, it is full of trans-fats that clog arteries and cause heart attacks. Put that to the side people loved it for how easy it was. It didn’t need to be refrigerated, it was cheaper and you didn’t have to raise a pig or go to the store all the time to get Lard. All these traits made Crisco and the propaganda more popular than lard.


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