KuneKune Bloodlines – Mahia Love

Today I am starting a new series of posts to my blog about KuneKune bloodlines. I am going to go over all the bloodlines we have in our herd then into other lines. Today I am going to be writing about our Mahia Love boar Dante.

Dante was the first born Mahia Love piglet born at Suwannee Valley KuneKunes.

Here are some pictures of Dante when he was little. He is our cream, white and black boar with the nickname “Dumbo the flying piglet” due to his massive ears. He is going to be beautiful when he grows up.

These are pictures of what he look like now: He isn’t ginger he is just that color due to our red mud wallows.

We got in contact with Lori Enright the original importer of the Mahia Love bloodline. In 2010 she imported the first Mahia Love boar to the US named Hamish. Hamish is Dante’s Great Grandfather. Below is all the more in depth information we got about the Mahia Love.

The original bloodline in New Zealand is known as Mahia.  In honor of the British importer, Andy Case of Long Ash Farm, the bloodline name was changed to “Andrew” in the UK.  I am the importer of the original Andrew boar, Thatcher, from England and the bloodline name remains.  That was back in 2005.  In 2010, I partnered with Tule Fog Farm to get pigs imported directly from New Zealand.  I imported the first “Mahia Love” boar, Hamish, who traces back to the original boar in the Mahia line.  Due to the custom to honor the importer, coupled with the fact that there had been decades and continents dividing the NZ, UK, and American herds, we took the liberty to name this latest import as “Mahia Love”.  I took the “Mahia” from the original line name and “Love” from the name of the pig’s owner.  So, in fact, the  Mahia, Andrew, Mahia Love, and Tutanekai boar lines all trace back to the same original boar in New Zealand.  Hamish’s dam was inspected by the NZ committee and we have honored the importer of the first NZ Tutanekai boar by allowing TFF to name the imported boar line whose dam is registered with the NZ Kunekune Association.
We talked to Lori Enright about some of the traits of the Mahia Love bloodline. Below you can see the first ever Mahia Love boar imported to the US named Hamish. The Mahia Love are known for their very prominent chin, round head and size. Below are some more pictures of  Mahia Love boars. They have very round heads, a short snout and a curved jawline. They also are known for big litters and good piglet growth. I am excited to see Dante grow up and hopefully acquire some of these nice traits.
(Picture taken by the USA Herd)
Lori Enright shared some information of the History on Hamish. He was one cool boar.
“The original Mahia Love is our imported boar, Hamish. Unfortunately, he has passed away all too soon. We thought he was a “little red pig”, but he turned out to be a nice sized boar. He went Supreme Champion at the 2014 West Coast Heritage Classic at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, handled by Shail Armstrong of Tule Fog Farm. His progeny have improved many of the bloodlines in this country and especially notable are the Mahia Love x Jenny pairings.” – Lori Enright


Here are some other Mahia Love boars from the USA Herd.

(All pictures taken by the USA Herd)

“The most famous Mahia Love boar of all! Robert Bakewell, also know as “Bakewell”, “Boss Hog”, “Bake Man”, he is also Supreme Champion and sire to many champion boars and sows.” – Lori Enright

I asked breeders to share information and pictures of their favorite Mahia Love Boars. Here are their pictures. Hover over the pictures to get their owners name and farm name.

Dante’s Registrations



These are Dante’s parents Weldon (Sire) and Willow (Dam).

(Photos below are from Suwannee Valley KuneKunes)

These are Dante’s two Grandfathers USA Mahia Love 1 – Wellington and GMF BG Tutaki 4 – Callister.

(Photos taken by Goose Meadow Farm

And these are Dante’s two Grandmothers Barton Hill Sally – Duchess Kate and Virginia KuneKunes Wilsons Gina 2 – Betsy.

(First picture taken by Goose Meadow Farm second from Virginia KuneKunes)