KuneKune Bloodlines – Rona

Today I am going to go over our Rona-Boris gilt named Anna.

We got into contact with Cyndi Berry at KuneKune Preserve. She has worked with the Rona line for quite a while now. Originally the line was imported by Katie Rigby in the mid 90’s. In New Zealand they didn’t care about snout length like in America and they didn’t have an official line name. The sows were registered by their name, not Rona. Over the past decade breeders have changed their body to fit the breed standard. Cyndi said that Rona sows are good mothers and farrow easily. We are going to breed Anna at the start of spring to our Tonganui boar. I am very excited to see her first litter.

Here are Anna’s Pedigrees.

These are Anna’s parents KKP Boris 18 – Kid Rock (Sire) and KKP Rona 19 –  Pogo (Dam). There are no pictures of Kid Rock when he is older so I added one of when he was a piglet.

(First picture taken by the KuneKune Preserve and the second by Suwannee Valley KuneKunes)

Anna’s Grandfathers are KKP Boris 16 – Tyler and USA Andrew 9 – Andy.

(Picture taken by the KuneKune Preserve)


Finally Anna’s Grandmothers are USA Aria Giana 4 – Skittles and KKP PeeDee

(Pictures taken by the KuneKune Preserve)

I asked some people on Facebook what their favorite trait and a picture of their favorite Rona sows. Below is a gallery of all the pictures they shared. Hover over the photo to get their name