Fall/Winter Farming Goals

My Mom and I have a lot of thing we have to do on the farm this winter. But it is so hot out besides the morning when we do our smaller chores.  So we are saving our bigger projects for when it is cool out.


  1. Continue working on pasture management
  2. Keep accurate health records and keep up on vaccinations.
  3. Plan future breedings.


To save money, we are going to process our barred rocks, so we won’t be feeding them when they aren’t laying in the winter. We collected some of their eggs. We have the silkies hatching them right now. In the spring they should start laying.

Sell hatching eggs and baby chicks from our Lavender Ameraucanas. Use the money to pay for chicken feed.

Lilac Heritage Turkeys:

  1. We are getting another lilac hen for a trio.
  2. Keep moving them around in the chicken tractor.
  3. Collect all the turkey eggs that we can so we can hatch turkey poults.
  4. Raise the lilac turkeys and process the other colors.

Blanc De Hotot Rabbits:

  1. Have our first litters of kits. Raise all the best quality rabbits for breeding and the not as good ones for meat.

We bred one doe already and we are waiting to see if she is pregnant. We will breed the other doe when she is ready.

 Cortunix Quail:

  1. Keep hatching baby quail and process the older not needed males.


  1. Completely re-do the electric fence.
  2. Finish the other 3 chicken tractors.
  3. Add a hog panel divider in between  every pasture.
  4. Finish greenhouse.
  5. Get gutters and lean twos on the car port.
  6. Maybe? french drains.
  7. Better shade structures.
  8. Create two more wooded pastures.
  9. Revamp our second farrowing stall.
  10. Revamp our water barrel waterers.