New Addition to the Farm. A Livestock Trailer!

Yesterday, My Mom and I got an old horse trailer for the low price of 500 dollars. It isn’t in the best condition, It needs to be repainted, the lights and wiring need to be replaced and  all of it needs to be checked. With the help of our friend Michael Shirley it will end up being awesome.

We can’t keep moving pigs in dog crates in the truck bed. Bigger pigs can break out and it is hard to lift them into the truck bed. With this trailer we will be able to transport breeding pairs, boars and feeders in the two stalls. We can also use it for getting a ton of hay or t-posts and taking a pig to the vet if need be. We will be picking up two stud boars in two months for breeding. This is perfectly timed.

We got an amazing deal with this trailer. I have seen trailers like this in far worse condition for more money. A new livestock trailer can cost anywhere from five thousand to nine thousand dollars. They may have a ton of small bells and whistles but when we get our trailer all refurbished it will be just as good for far less.

I found some pictures of some refurbished trailer online. I hope ours turn out nice as these.

Here are some examples of new livestock trailers:



These new trailers are awesome but they are way to expensive for us.

We found out the trailer was made by a company named Imperial in the mid 70’s.

I can’t wait to get this trailer refurbished. It was an amazing grab. It will get a lot of use on our farm.