KuneKune Bloodlines – Trish

Today, on my third KuneKune bloodlines post I will be writing about the Trish bloodline. We have two beautiful Trish sows in our herd named Cassiopia and Giovanna. They are my favorite pigs due to how friendly and docile they are.

The Trish bloodline was imported to the US in 2005 by Lori Enright of the USA Herd – American KuneKune Pigs. She imported a sow named Winifred and sadly she had fertility issues and bore no piglets. In 2011 Goose Meadow Farm imported two Trish sows named Freya and Ailsa from Barton Hill Farms in the UK. They are grandmother and great grandmother to our two sows Cassie and Giovanna.

(Photos taken by Goose Meadow Farm)

Below is Cassie’s dam Astrid. Astrid was the first Trish born in the United States.

(Pictures taken by Goose Meadow Farm)

(The Second to the left piglet is Cassie as a piglet)

We have found a couple of Cassie’s litter mates while finding information.

(First photo taken by Virginia KuneKunes second by XTC KuneKunes)

From a lot of the people that have Trish sows they are described as very silly, docile and friendly. Our Trish sows are the embodiment of all those. Cassie and Gia make us laugh multiple times a day with all the silly things they do. Gia makes a lot of funny noises and Cassie makes hilarious faces.

We have not experienced any problems with fertility. Cassie’s first litter was beautiful four piglets and Giovanna has had two litters of six and seven piglets.

Breeding the Trish line to other lines may have fixed any fertility issues the Trish line may have had.

I asked breeders to share information and pictures of their favorite Trish. Here are their pictures. Hover over the pictures to get their owners name and farm name.


Cassie’s Pedigree:



Giovanna’s Registrations:


In my next KuneKune bloodline post I will be writing about the Jenny bloodline.