KuneKune Bloodlines – Jenny

Today, for my fourth KuneKune bloodlines post I am going to write about the Jenny bloodline. We have two Jenny pigs on our farm named Chickie and Hilda. Chickie is our herd queen and Hilda is our most independent pig.

Our Jenny pigs are very friendly. Chickie has massive litters, is a great mom and nursed the longest out of any of our sows. Hilda is still a gilt though. I can’t wait for her to have her first litter.

The Jenny Bloodline started in New Zealand with a sow named NZ Fraser’s Jenny. A pig named Charming Jenny II was imported to the UK she was registered to BKKPS. In 2005, Lori Enright of the USA Herd Imported the first Jenny to the US. Her name was Carrington. Carrington is responsible for the beauty and success of the Jenny in America.

(Photos taken by The USA Herd)

Chickies Registration:



Chickies Parents: Morgan (Dam) Barclay (Sire)

(Photos taken by Goose Meadow Farm)

Hildas Registrations:

Hildas Parents: Ginger  (Dam)  Wally (Sire)

(Photos take by Suwannee Valley KuneKunes)

I asked some people on Facebook what their favorite trait and a picture of their favorite Jenny’s. I found out they are known for having strong conformation and being excellent mothers. Below is a gallery of all the pictures they shared. Hover over the photo to get their name.

For my next bloodlines post. I will be writing about the Tonganui bloodline.