Why You Should Do Fermented Feed

Ideally we want our pigs to eat lush green pastures and produce from the garden but it is easer said than done. So we have to supplement some food for them. So we chose the easiest cheap and healthy way to supplement food for them. Fermentation.

With winter around the corner we are going to start fermenting our feed again. Fermenting feed is a must do if you have animals. It saves money, is easy to make and is healthier for them. By mixing the feed with water, bacteria and yeasts in the feed produce lactic acid and acetic acid which lowers the ph of the feed. The lower ph stops bad organisms from developing in the feed and creating beneficial microbes. It also contains more protein, improves its enzyme content and increasing its levels of vitamins B, C and K, it also makes the feed more digestible. The pigs go crazy over it, I call it piggy drugs.


To make fermented feed, we get a bucket and fill it up half way with feed and 1/4 of the bucket with water. I then mix it up and add more water if needed. Don’t add to much as it will become soupy! In the summer when it is hot out it usually only takes a day to ferment the feed. But in the winter it can take up to 2-3 days. The colder the weather the long the fermentation takes. You can take the buckets inside to speed up the process. When the feed is bubbly at the top it is fermented and ready to feed. In warmer weather make sure to stir it at least once a day or it will get moldy.

We don’t due this in the summer as it attracts a lot of flies and smells bad. If we had a more designated spot away from the barn we would probably do it in the warmer seasons.

For my next blog post I will be writing about the Tonganui bloodline.