Staying Clean The Old Fashioned Way

Before the commercial use of  plant and seed oils, people used animal fats for almost everything.

Animal fats have been used for thousands of years, but only in the past hundred years have people stopped using them in place of plant oils. They used them in cooking, baking, personal care products, and more. Sadly, nowadays using animal fats is seen as disgusting and bad for you. In my research I have found some funny articles dissing animal products. This one for example obviously doesn’t know that fat is rendered down and Lanolin and tallow aren’t straight off the animal’s back. Link

The Ancient Romans used animal fats for bathing, cooking and cleaning. The Ancient Egyptians used the fat to keep their skin and hair safe from the sun. The recipe for soap was written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC.

I wrote a blog post about Lard in cooking and baking here. Link.

Animals products have always played a large part in personal care products like soap, hair gel, shaving cream, lip balm and skin care. Things like emu oil, tallow (cow fatback), lanolin, whale blubber and lard were used.

It seems as though people think plant oils are superior to animal fats by being cleaner and better for the environment. Sometimes, it is the opposite. For example, to get palm oil, huge forests are cut down, killing wildlife and destroying their homes. Instead, you can raise a couple pigs on your small homestead and use all the parts of the pig. Or find a small farmer in your area to buy lard from.  I think it is cool how My Mom and I are using the whole animal for cool purposes. We are like hippies.

My Mom and I are starting a Bath and Body line called Oink. All of our products will be created with Lard from our pigs. We are going to start out with just lip balm and soaps. In the future we may do more cool things. I will tell you more about it soon.