Handmade with Love and Lard


I would like to share with you a project My Mom and I are creating. We are starting a small bath and body shop on Etsy called Oink. We are going to make personal care products with lard from our own pigs. We are going to start out with just soap and lip balms and we will make more things in the future. I am very lucky that my Mom has been a cosmetics formulator for almost twenty years. She has made a lot of soap and lip balm in her time.

I am very excited to create this shop, getting my first order will be satisfying. I will also learn a lot of business skills. All the money we get from selling the products will go straight towards buying materials and paying for pig expenses. I hope that eventually we can sell our products at a farmer market an being known for them.

Why lard? We are going to use lard as it is what we have. We get large amounts of lard from raising our Kunekune lard pigs. So why would we spend a lot of money and order plant oil like coconut oil or palm oil that has a bigger impact on the environment and that is grown far away from here. Not only is it better for the environment it is better for you. Lard is very good for your skin and has been used for thousands of years. It also contains a lot of vitamins and is an excellent moisturizer. It isn’t like we just put bacon fat in the soap. We render the fat into snow white and clean lard that has no smell.

IMG_2524 IMG_2523

Most hipster soaps I see in the market are all boring flavors like lavender or some other sort of flower. Not that lavender isn’t awesome but I want to make something exciting like southern desserts. I love baking and eating baked goods so why not combine the two together. Below I have a poll of the different flavors my Mom and I picked out. I personally really would love to use Key lime or Banana Pudding soap.