Kunekune Bloodlines – Ru

Today for my sixth Kunekune bloodlines post I will be writing about the Ru bloodline. We have one adorable Ru boar named Benedetto.

Benny is the sweetest boar we have. He doesn’t like to fight or push other pigs around for food, and he quickly got used to us. I love his round head and chunky body. He is one my favorite boars.

The first Ru boars imported into the United States were Barclay and Middleton. They were imported in 2010 by Goose Meadow Farm. They were born at Barton Hill.

The first ever Ru boar was Willowbank Ru 1 NZ51. The picture was found in the Virginia Kunekunes research.


Willowbank Ru 1 was from the North Island from Ru Kotaha who lived near Dannevirke. He is the son of Pirihini Bastion (Sire) and Jacobs Sow (Dam). Pictured below is Pirihini Bastion. The picture was found in the Virginia Kunekunes research.



I find it crazy how much different the current Ru Kunes look like. Through selective breeding they have made the breed beautiful.

The Ru line is named after a man named Ru Kotaha.

Benny’s Parents are Siggy (Sire) and Heather (Dam). We couldn’t find any photos of Benny’s parents.

Benny’s Grandmothers:

(Photos taken by Goose Meadow Farm)

Benny’s Grandfathers Barclay and Middleton:

(Photos taken by Goose Meadow Farm)

Benny’s Registration:


I asked some people on Facebook what their favorite trait and a picture of their favorite Ru boar. Below is a gallery of all the pictures they shared. Hover over the photos to get their name