KuneKune Bloodlines – Wilsons Gina

Today for my seventh Kunekune bloodlines post I will be writing about the Wilsons Gina bloodline. We have three boars with Wilsons Gina sow lines on our farm. They are our three boars Benedetto, Dante and Giuseppe.

Wilsons Gina is one of the first Kunekune lines with more history of expanding the breed than more then any line has. It has created multiple other lines. It was later turned into the Willowbank Gina line then the Rebecca Gina. The first Wilsons Gina was Wilsons Gina NZ 55. Katie Rigby was the original importer of the Wilsons Gina line, she imported them from New Zealand in 1995. Cyndi Berry began working with Katie’s Wilsons Gina and has improved them and produced many incredible sows.

Wilsons Gina pigs are known for a very good temperaments, being amazing mothers and great conformation.

I asked breeders on Facebook what their favorite trait and a picture of their favorite Wilsons Gina. Below is a gallery of all the pictures they shared. Hover over the photos to get their name.

For my next Kunekune Bloodlines post I will be writing about the Andrew bloodline.