Making Kunekune Lard Soap For The First Time

Yesterday My Mom and I made soap for the first time. My Mom has made a lot of soap in her time but it was my first time. She taught me a lot of the history about soap and I watched a video about soap making. Here is the one I watched. We made three different kinds of soap. Candy cane, christmas and a Italian garden soap. In a couple of weeks we will grade the edges of the soap and stamp our logo on the soap.

I will be selling the soap on my blog and my Mom will be helping me sell them on Etsy. If you want to support my 4-H project keep your eyes open for when you can buy them. All the money will go towards feed costs and making more soap.

Instead of using oils shipped from thousands of miles away we use the abundance of lard we have in our fridge. I already have made a blog post of the benefits of using lard here is the link.

Everyones batch will be different depending on how much ingredients you use. Here is a soap calculator.


Making the soap was surprisingly fun and easy. I am very excited to make more unique types of soap in the future.