Pastured Pork Workshop At Black Valley Farm

Last weekend my Mom and I took a long drive up to Pennsylvania to go to a pastured pork workshop at Black Valley Farm. We learned a lot of helpful information. It was my first time ever being in Pennsylvania as well. The drive up to PA was a long, rainy and tiring drive. We ended up driving twelve hours due to a traffic jam on the highway. I am not sure I would have made it if I didn’t have some tv show episodes downloaded.

We went to this event as we are raising pastured pork and we want to know more. We got a tour of all their breeding stock and I got to learn first hand conformation. I learned about line breeding, laws about selling pork, business ideas, and much more. We also got a couple of our own ideas from the event. We now want to close in our barn with walls and create more farrowing stalls. We also got to enjoy a delicious pig roast.

Going to other peoples farms is always helpful. Seeing how they have their farm set up can give you some good ideas for your own.

When we have litters not every piglet will be registered as a breeder. Only the best of the best will be sold as breeding stock, and the rest will be meat pigs. We are going to get a massive foraging pasture in the woods for meat pigs. Kunekunes have a lot more uses than just being a cute pig. They have amazing meat, and lard. I hope in the future My Mom and I can sell our pork and lard soaps at the farmers market.