Field Trip to the Kunekune Preserve

Yesterday My Mom and I traveled up to North Carolina to meet Cyndi Berry, and we got a new piglet. The piglet we got is a black Wilsons Gina/Boris named Elisabetta or Lizzie for short. Her mother is Portrait / USA Wilsons Gina 1. Portrait has produced the most championship sows and is the USA Herd’s first Wilsons Gina. She is our first solid black pig. Now we need a cream to have all the colors.

Cyndi has been working with Kunes for a very long time and it shows with how many incredible pigs she has. Cyndi gave us a long tour around her farm and introduced us to a lot of beautiful championship pigs and rare new bloodlines. My favorite pigs were Portrait and Ginger, Ginger is our Hilda’s Mom. Hilda looks very similar to her mom as did Gingers current litter of piglets. They were the most friendly piglets I have ever met. We also met our boar Giuseppe’s Grandma and Great Grandma Cali and Portrait.

Cyndi has been working with this breed for a long time and only breeds the best pigs. Even her meat pigs which she calls “business pigs” were beautiful.

When we went to visit the boars I saw the biggest wallow ever created, it was the size of a small pond. I thought our wallows were big – not anymore. It was amazing how big some of the boars were. I can’t wait till our boars get that big and majestic.


For my next post I will be finishing my Kunekune bloodlines post about Andrew.