Kunekune Bloodlines – Andrew

Today for my seventh Kunekune bloodlines post I will be writing about the Andrew boar line. We have three Andrew boars right now. They are Cedric, Cornelius and Kingsley. We are going to keep Cedric as a barrow and raise the other two out. We will probably keep Cornelius and raise Kingsley into meat. Cornelius has much shorter and fatter legs, a good top line, a high tail set and massive ears but we are still evaluating him. Boars change a lot as they go through their teenage phase.

We had named all of the piglets after Harry Potter characters but Cornelius’s great grandpa is also named Cornelius. You can see him in the photo gallery below. He lives at Black Valley Farm and I got to see him in person two weeks ago.

The Andrew line was imported into the USA by Lori Enright in 2005. The pig was a boar named USA Andrew 1 – Thatcher. Thatcher was also the first registered pig in the USA herd book.

An Andrew piglet in New Zealand (NZ # 1764) was registered as Charming Andrew. Its parents were Mako Mahio (Sire) IV (NZ 1100) x Highland Chloe (Dam) (NZ 1260). NZ 1100’s original number was 390 and he was sired by Mahia I (A25). A lot of Andrew’s can be traced back to Mahia I.

A New Zealand breeder named Pat Leek named the Andrew line, when Andy Case imported the first Andrew boar to the UK.

I asked some people on Facebook what their favorite trait and a picture of their favorite Andrew boar. Below is a gallery of all the pictures they shared. Hover over the photos to get their name

For my next Kunekune bloodlines post I will be writing about the Te Whangi bloodline.