Grow Barley fodder for your Pigs!

Fodder is an easy and cheap way to supplement feed in your animals diet.  We created our DIY fodder system with just a shelf, a bunch of cheap aluminum pans from Dollar General and some small pieces of scrap wood. One fifty pound bag of seed can produce up to three hundred pounds of fodder. With this and collecting nuts we will end up feeding the pigs less than half of what we usually feed them. It also only takes nine days for it to completely grow so you can have batches going non-stop. It is crazy how fast the seed grows. In just a couple hours it grows a lot.

Things you will need:

  • One shelf
  •  Pans with holes on one end
  • Small pieces of wood
  • Barley Seed
  • A Bucket
  1.  Poke holes on one side of the tray and place all the pans on the shelf. Add a small piece of wood on the opposite side of the holes so water can drain.

2. Soak the barley seed in water for 24 hours. Make sure to not add more than a half inch of seed to the pan or it will mold. Make sure to water it three times a day. In the morning, afternoon and at night.

We took photos of the fodder everyday of the nine day cycle. Hover over the photos to see which day it is.

I think the pigs really enjoyed it. I enjoyed them throwing and running  around with it for sure. We want to make a fodder growing area that isn’t in a shower so we can grow a crazy amount as it is very healthy and lowers our feed costs.