Our Livestock Trailer Before and After

A week ago we got our livestock trailer finished and brought it home. We got the trailer for the low price of only 500 dollars. We knew it would need some work but it would turn out better than some of the over priced trailers now days. Our friend Michael helped us refurbish the trailer. He made sure it was okay to drive, rewired it , painted parts of it black and sanded it. We still aren’t completely done with the painting as it stills has some spots we need to paint. But overall it is ready to be used.

When We Bought The Trailer: We got a really good deal on this trailer. All we needed to buy to refurbish it was paint and paint tools. Our friend already had extra wiring to use for it. In the end probably only costed around 600 dollars.

In Progress: Here are some in progress photos of the sanding and painting.

Here is a before and after comparison of when we got the trailer and when we finished it. It looks amazing now due to friends helping us clean it up. I can’t wait to use it for the first time.