Picking Old Apples For Pigs At Chattooga Belle Farm

Yesterday My Mom and I went to Chattooga Belle Farms to pick up their old fallen apples. We have found a couple of ways to supplement feed for our pigs with old produce, fodder ,  and nuts but we are always looking for new ways.

The apple trees they have were massive. I can’t wait till ours get as big. They also have a abundance of grape vines. My Mom and I would like to grow grapes in the future.

We were able to fill up a big blue container tote with apples. We could have gotten more but it was a super long way back and forth to to the truck. Next time we will see if we can bring the truck down with us. On the way out we went to their farm store and bought a couple Sauces and Jellies.


Chattooga Belle Farm raises grass fed beef, grows apples, figs , grapes, peaches , persimmons, berries and more. They also have two farm stores where they sell a ton of cool stuff like soaps and sauces.

My Mom and I have been there a few times in the past to eat food and go to events. There is a beautiful mountain view but we couldn’t see it very well due to how smokey it was yesterday from the wildfires.

For my next blog post I will be writing about the Kunekune bloodline Boris.