Clearing the Forest for our Silvopastures

Due to us needing more pasture and an area to raise grow outs for meat My Mom and I are creating pastures called Silvopastures in the forest. Silvopastures are when you combine clumps or lines of trees into a pasture. The trees provide shade, shelter and better soil.

Here are some examples of Silvopastures I have found. Our Silvo pastures will be growing more forage/nuts our land isn’t flat and we will have more clumps of trees. But it will still be a Silvopasture.

Our fencing for these pastures will start this weekend. I am going to write a post on it when we get it all done at the end of the month.

We are getting the forest cleared out for the pastures currently. The soil in the forest is mulched down by leaves and old trees, it should be a lot easier to grow forage there than red clay. The pigs will also be able to eat fallen nuts. With the leftover brush we are creating hugelkultur beds and we will burn and chip some of it.

When we get forage/grasses and the fencing up for the pastures I will share before and after pictures. But for now here are some photos of the forest being cleared.